what is A.R.T.?

What is A.R.T.? (Active Release Technique) helps reduce pain where there are muscle, tendon, ligament, fascia or nerves involved. Active release technique is segmented into three parts of the body such as the spinal muscles, upper extremities and lower extremities. This particular service I offer at this time only involves the spine muscles which pertain to; headaches, migraines, TMJ, neck pain (stiffness), back pain (upper, mid and lower), numbness and tingling on the hands and arms, sciatica pain, hip pain, and some shoulder pain. 

results & case studies

After using Active Release Technique for 2 months so far on about 130 people I have seen some amazing results by adding ART to my acupuncture practice particularly with pain patients. The most astonishing had to do with extreme hip pain (sciatica pain), another with chronic neuropathy (numbness and tingling) within the hands and the last patient had severe migraine. ART is also fantastic for stiff neck syndrome from stress and sitting at a desk all day long. Usually, these procedures only take about 10-15 minutes to get relief. 

My favorite case so far was with a 62 year old woman that came in with a severe limp and walked with a cane. She told me her sciatica had been on and off for about 5 years but the last 8 months had been unbearable. After the first treatment with acupuncture and ART she was almost pain free for about a day. I was not very happy with those results so the next time she came in I decided to try a few different techniques. This time I engaged the psoas and iliacus muscles. After this treatment she got up off the table and walked without her cane and without a limp. She almost cried because her hip felt normal for the first time in months. Four more treatments and her pain was 95% better. She was incredibly happy. 

Another interesting case was with a woman age 65 and she was complaining of numbness and tingling in her hands for several years. Her doctor put her on the drug lyrica to help calm the pain and annoyance. After 1 treatment, using the nerve entrapment protocol the numbness and tingling disappeared! She came back 3 more times to make sure the tingling did not come back. It didn’t! She was ecstatic. 

The last case was a patient having recurrent migraines with sinus pain. The combination of acupuncture and ART was phenomenal. I first needled near the sinus passages and worked on the lung channel. Doing this took the pain away from the inflamed sinus cavity. The patient told me that her migraine pain behind the eye was still there. After doing about 10 minutes of ART on the back of the head working the obliques and capitus muscles, her migraine was gone. 

Active release and acupuncture for pain is the ultimate combination when dealing with pain. Acupuncture will typically take away the pain in a few sessions. ART will release the tension and tightness within the musculature. The combination is very powerful and tends to shorten the amount of sessions needed.