My First Experience With Acupuncture

I’m not a big needle fan so I have not been interested in acupuncture at all. However, with age and a desire for a much more natural holistic way of healing myself, I started to research all kinds of natural non-invasive ways to heal my body. Acupuncture happened to be one of the items that came to surface in my research. I finally went to have my first experience after several friends told me how much it helped them.

I was suffering from perimenopause and severe stomach pain. When I went into my first appointment, it was with a lovely little Asian woman who I know knew her stuff. Although I couldn’t understand what she was saying, she set me down and did an examination to find out what was going on within me. She then had me lay down and started to insert needles in me. Some created a twinge within me. I didn’t know what that was and because of the language barrier, I couldn’t ask! Although this was somewhat of an issue, I did fall immediately asleep for an hour! She woke me up and pulled the needles out and that was that!

Sleep for me has been elusive, so to fall immediately asleep was amazing. Yes, I would pay for a nap and some healing! However, I just couldn’t take the language barrier because I want to know what is going on and that I can ask questions that will be answered as the acupuncture is being performed.

I then went to Black Sun Acupuncture (now Berkley Acupuncture), and was able to openly communicate my problems or issues with Matthew. As well I was able to understand why there were certain twinges. Which was a sign of area that is stagnated, and the needle is helping open those areas up. The twinge should dissipate within a few seconds.

I suggest that if you do see an acupuncturist, make sure that they clearly communicate with you, so you can feel comfortable with the services performed.